time for reflection

When traveling I like to dedicate time to exploring opportunities that may not be available in rural Vermont. In truth I just love spending time with the camera and the discovery of new and interesting elements.
Such an opportunity arose during a recent weekend trip, where a glass building caught my eye. With an exterior of mirrored windows the building offered an array of reflected imagery, the content changing with each step and through time as lighting and weather conditions evolved. 

Had I not captured an image of note I would have been happy with the quiet time spent exploring and observing the developing scenes. That said I am pleased with the results, a few of my favorites being displayed below.

I'd love comments on how you feel about the images in general, and whether any in particular catch your eye.


the story behind - from pain comes gain

It was not my intent to take these images that day, nor was the idea of heading to the beach at noon under clear blue skies. Unfortunately fate had thwarted plans for an early morning/later afternoon session as my son had broken his leg just days earlier slipping on a wet rock. However, at the prompting of my wife to take a break from patient care I thought I'd at least scout ideas in the hope of a chance to return before our vacation ended.

As I approached the beach I couldn't believe the conditions; a thick sea fog enveloped the beach with the glow of the sun producing a beautiful ethereal glow on those waiting it out..Foreseeing the fog lifting I rushed the length of the beach capturing what I could, some of which I present above.

So my gain comes from my son's unfortunate accident, but it just goes to prove that we never know what is around the next bend so we best be prepared

a new site, a new mentor

It has been a long time coming but I finally decided to go whole hog and invest more time and $$$ into creating something a bit more friendly and worthy of my work.

A LOT of credit for this has to go to Ed Wedman, co-founder of the wonderful organization Exhibitions Without Walls. EWW is an international organization dedicated to helping photographers and artists develop professionally. I would encourage all to check out EWW via the following URL;

Exhibitions Without Walls

Ed provided encouragement and the drive to get this moving, and I am deeply indebted to him

So.... a new site and a new blog to boot. Check back for updates.