why stories?

I feel the initial reaction to a viewing a picture should be similar to that of a good book cover - it should draw the viewer in and create an eagerness to discover more. The image itself should project a story, encouraging the eye to investigate and further enhance the experience of the viewer. Yet in many cases the story goes far beyond that - the oft untold stories of how an image was created can be as interesting as the image itself. Understanding this bond between story and outcome can create a greater understanding and appreciation of the image.

I have often increased my own appreciation of images after discovering intriguing background stories, and add my own in the hope that others may gain similar enjoyment. My stories are simple, but I believe you will find each offering differences in approach. Each has special meaning to me, having impacted emotions on my soul. Feel free when reading the stories to imagine yourself in my shoes and allow your mind to wander through my viewfinder.

Have fun!