what next

This image is one that should not have come about. On visiting family in Maine I had planned to slip away early morning or evening to capture beach images when lighting was at its best. Unfortunately an accident that left our son with a broken ankle put paid to that, but on this day there was a possibility of a break in our care giving routine and that opportunity was seized. Conditions were not ideal, but my plan was to head to the beach and at least scout some shots for a subsequent visit.

As I approached the beach I was met by fog; rich, glorious sea fog that diffused harsh lighting and provided such a wonderful backdrop, creating mood and isolation. Beach-goers were making the most of it, and understanding that the conditions were transient I literally raced along the beach making the most of the opportunity.

This is one of many I took that day, capturing a young girl deep in thought. Soon after, the fog lifted and thoughts of my subject moved more to frolicking in the ocean than digging in the sand.