For many the perceived abilities of the smartphone camera is limited to the world of selfies and social media-worthy personal events. Yet the camera has advanced so far over the years, and now has the capability to do so much more. Yes, conditions have to be adequate, the photographer has very limited control, and images may not stand enlarging to any great degree, but the beauty of the mobile phone is that it is almost always on-hand when those unplanned opportunities arise.

The fact that everything is automatic can even be beneficial, especially to newcomers. Rather than being distracted by the multitude of settings the photographer can pay full attention to the composition. Processed results (by way of jpeg) are immediate, and like their big brother counterpart can be further worked on by the editing software of choice.

I am not suggesting that a mobile phone should be used in place of a quality camera, only that it is not discounted as a viable option. I am not alone in this thought, in fact this comes as a result of being inspired by stunning images selected for juried exhibits, and discoveries in the professional portfolios of photographers I admire.

Following such inspirational artwork I am embracing the smartphone. This project is meant to challenge myself to understand the boundaries of my iPhone, and present a body of work to indicate what can be achieved.

All the images following were captured on such a phone (iPhone 7) and processed using my standard software (Lightroom, Photoshop, NIK) and workflow.

Check back periodically as I will be adding more images as they become available.

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