jewel of Assam

This portrait of a young Indian girl just goes to show that you nee to be prepared for the unexpected when out shooting. The image was taken on a rainy day in Boston. Although lighting and weather were less than ideal I navigated through streets looking to catch images depicting the mood of the city - commuters with umbrellas aloft, reflections on the rain soaked pavement and the like.

Whilst crossing at an intersection this young lady crossed my path - a beautiful young face, framed by a wonderful yellow scarf with her black umbrella working as a backdrop. Having missed the opportunity I was cursing, until I saw her turn around and head back toward me.

After a polite request she was more than happy to pose for a few quick shots. Unfortunately she was rushing to an interview so our time was severely limited and I did not have time to catch her name, but did discover she originates from Assam, in India.

So my intent of capturing dark and moody images was changed by this surprising ray of sunshine and her radiant smile.

I remain hopeful that she will get in touch with me so I can find out her name and forward copies in gratitude, otherwise, I'll remember her appreciatively as my 'jewel of Assam'.