I have gained a lot of inspiration lately from amazing amazing work discovered by skillful proponents of ICM. Intentional Camera Movement in its basic form involves moving the camera when firing the shutter to add an interesting blur effect to the image. Done badly, the result is an uninteresting blurred image, but this is a far cry from the astounding results that can be achieved when performed in a creative and considered manner.

ICM is not a simple technique, each attempt presents a number of creative decisions with results being difficult to predict and wildly variable. With its level of complexity I think that the term ICM misrepresents the level of artistry that is required, and feel the term CCM (Creative Camera Movement) more appropriate (but will stick with the mainstream terminology of ICM within the project to avoid confusion).

My hope is to master the variety of skills and techniques required, with a goal of adding options and an extra dimension to my work.

Following is a running gallery of my favorite results to date with details on how the images were shot included for reference. All images include creative camera movement in one form or other (either a panning motion, or changes in camera angle to blend multiple exposures), and post-processing to develop the character of the image.

Click on an image to enlarge and obtain background information on technical aspects.