Ventosa/Photo-impressionism discovery

As I continue my study of the Pep Ventosa ‘in the round’ technique there is one discovery that I would like to share.

The technique calls for 30-40 (or more) images to be captured whilst moving around an object. These mages are then imported into Photoshop as layers and blended to produce a final ‘photo-impressionistic’ result.

This is al fine and well but I find that once I have blended 15 or so images in the stack the lower images no longer have an impact- switching on/off has zero effect on the result. I have tried varying opacity and blend modes to no avail, the secret of inclusion for all evades me.

This may not be an issue at all - I find that 15-20 images produces acceptable results and having 30-40 available allows me to include those that contribute to producing the most appealing results.

This can also enable different viewpoints to be displayed of the same subject. From a 38-image stack of the tree below I was able to produce two 15 or so images showing differing viewpoints.

I’ll keep experimenting, but if there is anyone out there that has mastered this technique and can advise on optimum blending I’d appreciate it.

Click on image to display full frame