phoneography additions

I am continuing with my attempts to discover the capabilities of my mobile phone. This entry includes new images captured after installing the Pro Cam app.

Although still discovering the capabilities of the app I am really enjoying the ‘Long Exposure’ setting. My past attempts at long exposures (and ICM) have included the use of a 10 stop ND filter, held over the camera lens by a couple of rubber bands, and the later discovery of the (limited) ‘long exposure’ setting found within the ‘Live’ photo option on the phone.

Pro Cam is so much more powerful, allowing a range of exposure times, and a ‘Bulb’ setting for greater control. One of the great benefits provided by the app is that you can see the image ‘grow’ during taking. This allow you to see what is happening as you move the phone, and make decisions while the capture is in progress.

Following are a selection of recent images, those showing creative motion were taken using Pro Cam as above.