more ICM experimentation


Like others, I find it hard to be inspired over the summer months. The lighting tens to be harsh and unflattering, with outdoor subject matter not as appealing as it may be a other times. Summer is however, a very suitable time to capture some ICM shots so I’m doing what I can to take advantage and work on my skills. I am also very keen to keep pushing the use of my iPhone and see how far I can take it.

Following is an example of an ICM attempt. The mage is of a globe-shaped structure found in a local park. The globe is constructed with hundreds of fish-shaped metal cutouts.

I had already taken a number of images around the globe with my DSLR following the Pep Ventosa’ technique I’m attempting to master. I was wondering if a similar result could be created on my phone, not by taking a large number of exposures and blending as with the Ventosa technique, but by using the ProCam app and setting to ‘Slow Shutter’ as I walked around the globe.

Following is the result. I did find that I was not able to walk around the globe (I wanted to preserve some detail) but I think results were pretty interesting with he shutter open as I walked a 90-180 degree segment. I feel the results show similarity to the Ventosa impressionistic images I have seen and taken, which is remarkable considering it comes from a single shot from a smartphone.

I’d be interested to hear what others think, and am eager to try this out on other subjects. Perhaps when I process the 30 or so images from my DSLR we can compare the results side by side.