iPhone 11 endorsement

I have been investigating the boundaries of smartphone photography recently, posting updates here on my blog and images in the phonography project. I have been finding that smartphones can capture some amazing images where conditions are adequate, and as indicated in the past have been amazed to see such images hanging in respected galleries etc.

Just recently published is a YouTube video shot by the creators of Fstoppers, discussing whether the iPhone11 can be classified as a professional camera. With the reviewers being professional themselves, it is quite interesting to note their opinion, The general takeaway is that the iPhone 11 could absolutely be considered as part of a professional photographer’s kit, due to it’s flexibility, convenience and image quality.

The capabilities (including video) and differences between iPhone 11 offerings can be found by clicking HERE

So following this, will you be upgrading to the iPhone 11, the 11 Pro, or the 11 Pro Plus?