beyond ICM - new CCM project announcement


After researching ICM in greater depth I am inspired by the creativity produced by exceptional artists, their work goes far beyond the act of simply moving the camera and hoping for results.

I am so impressed with possibilities that I have embarked on a learning path to better understand the technical aspects, with a goal of hopefully achieving a reasonable level of competence. I plan to share the results of my experimentation in my blog, and also to document the details of some of my favorite results in a new project - see projects/Creative Camera Movement.

Whether or not we fully appreciate the art form I think we have to applaud the artistry of those who are creating compelling bodies of work. This includes artists whose work has evolved beyond traditional ICM and use the term ‘photo impressionism’ as a more appropriate description for their work. Here are some of those recently discovered that are providing me with new inspiration;.

Hernandez Binz (

Adrian (Hernandez Binz) has a unique style, producing a body of beautiful ICM work

Pep Ventosa (

Pep creates fantastic artwork by layering and blending multiple exposures to produce stunningly creative results.

Andy Gray (

Andy’s work is heavily influenced by the work of the British painter, JW Turner, disclosing the secrets of his stunning work on his YouTube channel.

Stephanie Johnson (

Stephanie produces wonderfully colorful and calming landscape images.

I hope these artists provide the same level of inspiration as you as they have for me. If nothing else, give ICM a go - worst case scenario is that you have blurred images (at least this time they are intentional…) and perhaps you’ll learn something in the process.