the ICM movement

ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) is a technique that has been around forever is becoming more popular as photographers look to expand their creativity.

The technique involves moving the camera as the shutter is released, compared to painting with a brush and resulting in images with abstract form. Depending on motion, time and blending of images ICM can create a vast range of results, from a sense of motion to wildly ethereal with barely recognizable subjects that challenge the viewer.

ICM may not be everyone’s cup of tea. As with any artform there are some that demand that a standard set of rules apply, and others who fail to be appreciate abstract art in general. Yet I feel there is a growing audience who are looking for something fresh and there appears to be a greater appreciation of the better works.

Although I have toyed with ICM in the past, I have been inspired by a body of work recently discovered. With this new found enthusiasm ICM is something I plan to keep in my thoughts going forward.

Here are examples taken on a recent beach visit, each with camera movement in a single plane (horizontal, vertical)

I’d love feedback on your thought on these, and in ICM in general. If you have experiences to share please do so we can all learn together.