simple trick to aid Smartphone captures

I recently found myself struggling when trying to take pictures of beach scenes using my Smartphone. With the sun shining brightly and reflecting off sand and sea it was extremely difficult to view compositions, and almost impossible to evaluate results.

As I had my regular DSLR with me at the time I also had my Hoodman HoodLoupe in my bag. I discovered this fits PERFECTLY over my iPhone 7 screen and quickly found myself both composing and reviewing with the HoodLoupe in place.

This has been a revelation, allowing me to take images where I would have otherwise given up - my next venture out will include a couple of rubber bands to secure the HoodLoupe to the phone.

I realize that most do not keep such a tool on hand (and at $80 they are not cheap), but having one available is worthy of consideration. I am a big fan of the HoodLoupe in general (see earlier post) so this added use just helps validate its place in my crowded camera bag,

How do others work around this issue? Are there other simple tricks that can be employed?