smartphone challenge (project intro)

Just a fun little game to test your ability to spot the difference between images taken on a mobile phone versus those taken on a regular DSLR. Easy, right?

From the the 9 images following which do you feel were taken on a mobile phone (no cheating….)? i’ll give you a hint - there may, or may not be more than one….. ;-)

So… now that you have had a chance to review the images, could you tell which were captured on a basic iPhone? The answer is that all images were taken on an iPhone 7 and processed using my normal editing software.

I have set myself a goal to explore the boundaries of humble smartphone photography. Please visit my project (see the projects navigation heading, or click the link here) - I will be updating this and my blog frequently as I make new discoveries and find limitations.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or wish to relay your own experiences.