surprise ending

I think it important to shoot images that suit the prevailing conditions, and continue to experiment to improve. Such was the case one stormy day in Boston. With a continuous stream of light rain falling I had in mind images taking advantage of reflections from wet surfaces, street images capturing iconic umbrellas and more.

After an amount of time I decided to move on and on crossing a busy street. Here I crossed paths with a sight that I immediately recognized as a winner - a beautifully made-up young girl, her face framed by a bright yellow scarf highlighted by a backdrop of a black umbrella.

Cursing this missed opportunity I paused to consider options and was pleased to see the girl headed back toward me. After gaining permission to take some shots I discovered that she was rushing to an interview and had taken a wrong turn. With the severe restriction of time I was unable to get her name but determined she is from Assam in India.

I do hope she contacts me so I can find her name and send copies (she has my card), but until that time I have bestowed on her the title of ‘jewel of Assam’

I think this image alone made the venture out into the rain and cold worthwhile.