the story behind - 'Hestitant Step'

This is a story of a marriage between 'lady' luck and 'master' planning. The intent of the image below was simple - to capture an interesting rock jutting out of the lake, with a long exposure softening distracting details in both water and sky.

Unfortunately, as I set up I found the rock occupied by a group of boys using the rock as a jumping point. No problem - I set up and fired off some test shots to ensure settings were optimal prior to the installation of a 10 stop ND filter.

Then it was a matter of waiting............, and once the boys drifted off to their next exciting adventure I had the rock to myself.

It was only after reviewing the images at home that I realized that I had captured a young lad as he was hesitant, seemingly pondering the jump ahead. Whether the timing was dumb luck or an innate sense I can't say, but I feel that merging both fast and slow images produces a result that is far greater than the sum of each individually.

BTW - each time I look at this I see a face in the rock, almost squinting toward the boy. If you see the same please contact me and let me know that I'm not going crazy (or at least not alone....)

The Hesitant Step