photography for fun

AKA - images from a fun trip to North Dakota....

As a fine art photographer, it is easy to become overly focused on a final result and perhaps a fear of producing work that inadequately reflects our vision. I think it is good to step back from time to time and reflect on what attracted us to  photography in the first place - not just for the one image that captures both imagination and heart but the joy in the process of creating images purely for the fun in doing so.

Family vacation is a perfect time where this lighter approach can be followed.  Although temptation surrounds us spending time with family and friends at this time is paramount - planned photographic trips are replaced with opportunistic captures as we explore new environments, the pleasure derived from planning and executing a vision replaced with spontaneity and an acute awareness of the world around us at each moment in time.

Such a time was spent during a recent trip to visit our son in North Dakota. Traveling with only the bare essentials the camera joined us on every adventure, capturing both memories and scenes of interest as discovered. An added bonus to me is that my son, Sam, has become interested in the art which enabled us to spend quality time shooting together.

While resulting images may not be exhibition quality they perhaps more importantly, capture a wealth of memories and added an extra element of fun during the visit. Following is a selection of opportunities encountered during our visit. Feel free to feed back comments or your own thoughts - I'd love to hear from you!

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