a fall morning in Belvidere

Fall/Autumn in New England is such a spectacular time of year - the eyes are delighted by a feast of color as deciduous foliage turns red and gold. During peak season I prefer to stay away from the iconic fall sites in Vermont (and the chance of crowds of ‘leaf-peepers’) , opting for locations that are a bit less traveled and peaceful.

Thus I found myself at Belvidere Pond, a secluded spot a little north of Cambridge Vermont. Having left home before daybreak my hope was to capture peak foliage lit by early morning sun. As is so often the case however, Mother nature had a plan of her own. Working under a cloudy and flat sky all I could do was to scout compositions and awaiting improved lighting conditions.

On the plus side there was absolutely no wind, resulting in a glass-like pond and the chance to capture some stunning reflections. In the end my patience paid off, my quiet time waiting for light interrupted only by the sound of Loons on the pond and a flock of Canada Geese rising from their rest as they head south for the winter.

From the images presented you will see my journey , from the early morning atmosphere of rustic colors under rising clouds, through to images with sun breaking through clouds and spotlighting bands of foliage

All in all it was a very relaxing and tranquil morning, and images aside the beauty and stillness of nature left me feeling refreshed and ready to face the world.

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