alone in the storm

I have discussed how other images have resulted from making the most of unique conditions when presented, from lucky accidents of fate, or to convey the story of an experience that evoked emotion. There are of course others that are conceived from the outset, where the photographer has total control over both environment and subject (think studio shots).

This image resulted in a combination of all of the above. I had scouted and taken images at that very location on a number of occasions, a place of scenic beauty that I hike frequently. With so many opportunities I still failed to get the result I felt was worthy of its potential. That changed as a major storm hit the North Eastern USA during winter 2017. The storm had been forecasted to dump a large amount of snow throughout the day.

With plows unable to keep up with the prolonged snowfall an early decision was made to close all schools for the day, and numerous businesses heeded government warnings to stay off the roads and failed to open. I took the opportunity to leave my place of work early, fighting my way through the storm to get to the place I had in mind.

With most taking advantage of the storm and staying indoors the roads, although treacherous were eerily empty, more so the closer I got to location. This is one of the many images I captured that snowy afternoon, falling snow creating a wonderful backdrop, isolating the solitary tree and displaying its vulnerability when enveloped within the enormity of Mother nature.

To this day I can feel the emotion I felt as I took the image - a feeling of utter calm and serenity, as if apart from this solitary tree and myself nothing else existed.

I have to say that this all of this came about due to forethought and patiently waiting for appropriate conditions. I feel fortunate that the storm was heavy and prolonged, happy that I persevered though such difficult but favorable conditions, and excited that I witnessed such a solitary and emotional experience. I do hope that a small part of that emotion is conveyed to the viewer.